2022 Summer Roving Trip Update - May 5, 2022

My plans for the trip have changed again.  
I do not plan activations before the week of May 25 - 28.

I will not be driving to the Eastern US in Early May.
I will attend the Dayton Hamvention in Ohio from May 19 - May 22
The update plan is to leave from Florida around May 25 heading West toward Texas.  I plan to do activations on multiple bands in MS and AL on the way to TX.
During the first week of TX I also plan to activate in LA.
After the June VHF contest on June 11/12 I plan to head West to New Mexico for grid activations in NM and West Texas.
Next I plan to go to the "Four Corners" area for AZ, CO, UT activation.
After this stop I plan to go North through CO to WY, and MT.  Then East through ND/SD to attend the Central States VHF meeting on July 20 - 24.
I should be able to post a more detailed plan on or about May 17th.

I am still planning to cover the full collection of States.


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