KA6U Update - April 27, 2023 -  0430UTC

Thanks for the 100 QSOs today from SD, ND, and MN
I believe two operators completed 23cm WAS and now several are 1 - 3 states remaining and hopefully at least 3 more will complete by the end of this week.

Logs are uploaded to LoTW.  Please send me an email if anything is missing.  

Apparently my blog did not get published yesterday.
Because of a good weather window I have accelerated my trip.

Tomorrow, Wednesday I will drive to Evanston, Wyoming on the Wyoming, Utah border.
On Thursday I plan to activate Utah and Wyoming on 23cm and 70cm.

Plan is:
  • Thursday April 27 - Wyoming DN41 1815UTC  - 2030UTC 23cm and 70cm at same time.
  • Thursday April 27 - Utah DN41 2030 - 2300UTC 23cm and 70cm at the same time.
  • Friday April 28 - Idaho DN22 1930UTC - 2200 UTC 23cm and 70cm at the same time
  • Friday April 28 - Wyoming DN22 2230UTC - 0100UTC 23cm and 70cm at the same time
  • Saturday April 29 - Washington DN06 - 2042UTC - 2300UTC 23cm and 70cm at the same time
  • Saturday April 29 - Oregon DN05 - 2300UTC 0200UTC 23cm and 70cm at the same time
Locations both days are on the borders between the states where I can move station in a few minutes to the second state.

The weather with the possible exception of Thursday afternoon looks excellent.  There are several additional days of good weather forecast after April 29th if needed,

Each day will include 4-8 hours of driving and 6-8 hours of operating

I should have internet access at all locations

Peter KA6U


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